Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life After Death?

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So, we come inevitably to the question of life after death. Is there something else out there waiting for us? Is it heaven? Hell? Reincarnation? An alternate universe? Or do we simply cease to exist? This is a question worthy of several weeks worth of discussion. Even then one would probably come to no solid compromise or agreement with others.

This has probably come up before, but I have a few questions that may or may not have been addressed.

First of all: Do you personally believe in a life after death? If yes, what do you see the afterlife being like? Where do we go?

Secondly: If there isn't anything else, what is the point of a moral system and/or why hold back from pleasure? Shouldn't we all be major Epicureans?

And: What is the point of religion?

Finally: Why do you believe/not believe in an afterlife of some sort? Furthermore, why do you think humans in general cling to this notion?

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