Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deities labeled as Romano-Celtic

statue of a Celtic goddess, probably Brigid (B...Image via Wikipedia

There are a lot of deities labeled as Romano-Celtic. The questions that come to my mind when I hear this are: If it has Roman influence then would this still be considered CR? Would this be more of a Roman belief system? If I am concentrating on Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British, and Gallic pantheons should I pay attention to anything Romano-Celtic?

"Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism (CR) is a polytheistic, animistic, religious and cultural movement. It is an effort to reconstruct, within a modern Celtic Cultural context, the aspects, of ancient Celtic religions that were lost or subsumed by Christianity." - The CR FAQ: An Introduction to Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, "So What is Celtic Reconstructionism (CR)?" pg.17 first paragraph (book version)

According to the FAQ it is the pre-Christian Celts to pay attention to. Can anyone give me some more information so we can clear this up?

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