Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dance in Pagan rituals?

Not too long ago, I was involved in my first pagan/Wiccan ritual ever (it was part of an educational program for another, non-religious, subcultural group). The woman who had been one of the main mentors of the program was a Dianic/Am Trad High Priestess, so she incorporated some of her experiences into a not-really religious ritual tailored to our program. This was very special to me as around the same time I began to explore paganism in earnest and that experience helped me keep momentum in my exploration. Anyway, the end of the ritual involved dancing, to get in touch with our bodies and dissipate the energy raised. This was very hard for me to do. I don't feel I am a good dancer and therefore feel very self conscious dancing. However, the experience left me curious about the use of dance in ritual. So, my question to the board is: do you use dance in ritual? How do you use it? Is it comfortable for you to do so? Any tips about dance in this context for a newcomer? Books/DVDs? Thanks!

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