Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Making Your Own Tarot Deck

I've already made one tarot deck by compiling pictures that spoke to me, and that is the one I currently use, that I will only print one of. However, I'm in the middle of drawing a second deck, and want some help/encouragement. This one I feel it would be OK to print multiple copies of and sell (my first deck would be a copyright nightmare). I'm working on the major arcana right now, and have finished the Tower, Fool, Magus, Priestess, Star, and Hanged Man, am almost finished with Fortune, am in the process of working on the Empress and Lust, and just started the Chariot. I'm still deciding on the final sketch for the Sun and Moon, and the Hermit is taking a back seat right now, as he doesn't want to work with me.

How many of you have made your own decks?

What do you think about making tarot instead of buying a deck?

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