Friday, October 23, 2009

Is magic impious?

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First of all, let me inform you that I am a follower of Hellenismos. That being said, I shoukd explain, in the event that anyone does not already know the following:
Hellenic reconstructionism as based on the ancient Greek tradition, has, at its core, certain values and virtues that all Hellenes should try their hardest to subscribe to. One of these fundamental central ethics is that of "eusabeia," which can be safely translated to mean "piety."

That fact lends itself to very strong opinions amongst many Hellenes regarding what is and is not impious behavior. As we can only place subjective observations in such matters, we have many philosophical debates regarding such.

The topic of magic is a rather contentious area of discussion in many Hellenic circles. It is precisely this that causes a lot of people who, in general, share our deities and basic tenets of belief to choose not to identify as recon.

My questions to you all, I hope, should start discussion and healthy debate.

1. Does the use of magic show some degree of impiety?

2. In your religion is it at all arrogant to say that you have abilities stretching out farther than normal human capacuty and thus approaching the divine?

3. If you claim magic is not impious because the power comes from your deities and not from yourself, is it not impious to say you can call down the power and aid of a god/goddess at will?

4. How does your personal use of magic display your piety or honor for god or the gods?

5. In the event that piety is not a significantly important part of your belief system, would you please explain? Why?

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