Friday, October 02, 2009

Correspondences of Elements and Senses

I'm big on the Western classical elements--the four (earth, air, fire, and water) plus a fifth, spirit--but I don't have any "authoritative" source for which of the five senses go with which (if there is such a thing as an authoritative source in the broad collective we dub paganism). Maybe I've just forgotten that bit of neo-Wiccanish lore.

Anyway, my instincts/common sense (pardon the pun) tell me this:

Fire--smell/taste (lumping them, since they're closely related)

Spirit has no sense, though it occurs to me that it could correspond to "the sixth sense", aka second sight, psychic powers, ESP, etc., if one accepts the possibility of such things.

So for those of you who work with the system of classical elements, I'm curious what correspondences for the senses you follow/believe/have been taught/have heard.

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