Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I've been on and off of here for quite some time. A couple years, maybe. I've been lead down all sorts of paths. Wicca, shamanism, druidry, germanic neopaganism, pantheism, agnosticism, and most recently Buddhism. To me, Buddhism is such a pure, flawless philosophy. It doesn't have me questioning about what there might be, what might come, but rather has me contemplating what is now. And for that I really think that is the right direction for me to go in (am I actually going anywhere at all?).

But to the point. I'm really not sure whether I even believe in a higher power anymore. I felt before that I was trying very hard to accept the whole idea, but it's just something very difficult for me to completely believe. Anyone else feel this way? While I was forcing deity upon myself, I did feel a wonderful connection with nature, though, a familiar, deep connection, which I still do, but it isn't quite the same. Does nature worship, seeing the earth as a divine mass, fall under the spectrum of religious worship? My main focus is on the earth, living in absolute "spiritual" harmony with it and showing my respect in a manner that deepens my own awareness in the context of the earth. I don't particularly think this is exactly religious worship, but I'd like to see what anyone else thinks. Any feedback would be great.

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