Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Choosing" a religion, I don't understand it

I know this post is a little backwards but I am having problems coming to terms with people deciding to become pagan and then trying to choose their religion. It sounds like the chapter in Siverbunnies on "Choosing your Gods and Goddesses". Yeah, I admit to reading it back in the 90's.

To me a religion is something you feel a calling to. You need to have the belief before you start searching otherwise you can end up practicing the flavor of the week without knowing what you really are. I have no issues with someone searching for a difference in their lives, and no, I don't believe that a person has to be born pagan to become one.

But, I think that a person who is searching really needs to spend some time in deep soul searching and meditation to see what they are missing and then search to find it. Just researching what's out there and picking one is trying to mold yourself to the religion rather than finding the right fit in the first place.

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