Saturday, February 28, 2009

Working on Behalf of the Gods?

Earlier today, I read an email from a friend who mentioned in passing the idea that, if we need the Gods, it might also be true that the Gods need *us*. This comment was in response to my whining about feeling somewhat deserted by, or at least disconnected from Brighid lately because some things in my life have tanked (or it seems that way at the moment, anyway).

I've been thinking all evening about what She might need from me. It doesn't seem like She particularly needs offerings (of food anyway -- although I think offerings in the form of donations or volunteer work for related causes might be a good thing).

What do you think? Do the gods need us, and if so, for what? I know Shad, f'ex, has a theory that we are the eyes and hands of the gods. What does that mean in practice? Are there specific activities or things that you feel you are encouraged or even required to do for your god/dess(es)? What happens if you don't do them? How do you know what you're supposed to do?

For Cill members and others who have a relationship with Brighid: Do you feel Brighid needs you/us to do specific things? If so, what? Are they *required* or just encouraged?

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