Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm solitary.
I love being solitary.
It is not that I feel I need to 'play' coven or something, but I do feel, that I need to take another step. If I want to grow, that is.

Last year I've done a kind of meditation workshop for close friends and co-workers and they really liked it. But I really need to achieve some more self-assurance when dealing with real life people.

And besides that, it just would be nice to do ritual sometimes with others.

This is not a thing that will take place within the next few weeks, not even months.
I know that I have to write some material as a starting point for a group, from which things can be adjusted.

How would be the best way to go about this? Any ideas? Problem is, I don't want to start with strangers, but then sometimes friends can be too close to.

How did you go about this, if you ever started a group? I'd be interested in hearing your experiences.

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