Monday, February 16, 2009

Do You Believe in an "Ultimate God?"

"Ultimate God" is my son's term, but it works because I don't have another workable term.

Do you believe that there is a Greater Power/Being than the god/desses of your pantheon? Personally, I do believe in an "Ultimate God," and the other god/desses are kumu, or teachers, but they are manifestations of the Ultimate God, just as we are, but to a greater degree. I believe everything is a kinolau (other body) of God--rocks, trees, people, god/desses.

Because of this, I don't pray to Pele to grant me anything, but I ask Her for guidance and to help me connect with God (Ultimate) both within myself and without.

Pele's a harsh, but loving, mistress and reminds me of a Catholic nun teacher--when She whacks you across the knuckles, by gum, you know it! Ignore Her at your peril!

So, do you believe in an "Ultimate God?"

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