Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Numbers in Your Path

I was meditating last night, and was shown a tri-fork that I could relate to large areas of my (ahem.. various..) paths. The number three seems to run through a lot of things for me; both in the three pillars on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the 3x3 days Odin was sacrificed, the three rune aettir (lineages). I have been taught they corresponded to 1 - the basic forces, 2 - internal work, and the 3. - community activity. (Which seems similar to the three wiccan+derivatives degrees?) There's also the upper/middle/lower worlds of when I do journeying.

Are there numbers that are significant for you?

Does your work in some way revolve around numbers? Numerology?

Do you find particular numbers cropping up in your life? (42 and 23 are perfectly valid answers. Fnord.

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