Monday, February 09, 2009

Hero Archetypes in Paganism?

Just researching pagan paths at the moment, as they seem to encompass many things I have always believed but have never really explored spiritually. I'm exploring how far these things match up with ideas I am comfortable with before plunging properly. In advance, thank you for any help.

One thing which for years I have privately at least, held in place of a proper belief system is a series of "heroes" drawn from myths and fiction. These operated for me as a moral code, an ideal to strive towards and source of strength. It's not like I worshipped them, certainly not. But I have always used the concept of the characters themselves as a personal guide for my behavior and sense of self-improvement.

It sounds nuttier written down than in my head.

It's not something I've come across yet in books/site, but it does seem to correspond to the importance of symbolism and tradition in pagan paths, drawing on the symbolic concept of a particular deity or animal because of a personal response.

So is there any place for hero archetypes in paganism, either personally or in things you have seen other people believe?

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