Sunday, March 23, 2008


What superstitions do you know of? Which ones do you follow? Are you embarrassed?

Ones I follow:
I know of the one saying that buying a tarot deck for yourself is unlucky, and that somebody should give it to you. I learned it when my mom gave my sister a tarot deck.
I knock on wood. If no wood is to be found, I knock on my skull.
I cross my fingers for good luck. When I was a kid I crossed my fingers if I knew I was going to break a promise as I was making it.
I throw spilled salt over my left shoulder.
Astrology. Nuff said.
I found a 4 leaved clover once.
Bad luck happens in threes.

Ones I know of:
Leaving milk outside for elves.
A horseshoe above the door to keep trickster elves out.
Never whistle behind stage. If you do, spin three times or the show will be a disaster.
A ghost light is kept on inside the theater when everybody is gone.
Crows are bad omens
Its bad luck if a black cat crosses your path.
If you sneeze, it means somebody is talking about you, somewhere.
If you walk over your own grave you will get a cold chill.
13 is an unlucky number.

3 is a lucky number.
4 is a lucky number.
5 is a lucky number.
6 is a lucky number.
7 (and multiples of) is a lucky number.
9 is a lucky number.
17 is a lucky number.
108 is a lucky number.
(Is it just me or do the lucky numbers seem to out number the unlucky one(s)?)

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