Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Egg Yolks and Witchcraft?

I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer as I have been unable to find any information elsewhere. I was recently in a house that had several small crosses drawn on the walls in various rooms with egg yolks. The woman who owned the house (she's not there anymore) was said to have practiced witchcraft. There was also an incredible amount of salt on the floor (doorways, window sills, around furniture, etc.).

I understand the purpose of the salt but so far I have been unable to find anything that describes using egg yolks to create symbols on anything. I have found several magickal uses for using the eggs themselves but not the yolks. I have looked at various sites including ones dealing with hoodoo, voodoo, etc. but have been unsuccessful. I suppose it's possible that this is something that she came up with on her own but I have no way to ask her. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated...thank you!

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