Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Bad luck to buy your own deck" - how common is that, and where?

Elsewhere, Rin mentions a superstition related to tarot:

It's considered bad luck to buy your own deck. You're supposed to get it as a gift. Maybe taboo was the wrong word? I view it more as superstition and I think its silly. I've bought my own deck before, tho' it wasn't right for me doesn't reinforce the superstition. I also don't see the point.
The way Rin talks about it, it sounds like it's fairly common where she is - as it also is (or anyway has been; I'm not hooked in enough to the local scene at the moment to be sure if it still is) here. Though there's not a lot of contact/connection between Calgary's and Winnipeg's Pagan/occult/divination/etc scenes, there's enough that ideas do cross-infect.

Most of those who responded in the original thread didn't mention whether it was something they'd heard of before or not - but they didn't say, " Roll Eyes Oh, that old canard again!" (or some approximate equivalent). I didn't post that, but I sure as heck thought it.

So now I'm wondering whether it's a common superstition in a lot of places, or whether its commonness is a regional phenomenon. Is this something you've run across a lot, or a little, or not at all, in your neck of the woods? (Don't forget to give me a notion where your neck of the woods is - I know where lots of folks are, but I don't have a TC map in my head.)

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