Monday, March 03, 2008

Deities Requesting Specific Foods or Drink

In mosey-ing around here, I have found it not very uncommon for people to mention a certain deity they work with asking for a certain type of food or drink for offering (this was inspired in particular by Jennett's mention of Artemis wanting baklava in the "Practicing Basics" thread).

My question then is why would a deity ask for a food such as this? What do they plan to do with it? Not being in the physical plane, I imagine they could just conjure up the taste or smell if it was something they liked. Why do they request for a worshiper to provide it?

Do you find certain gods or goddesses have a sweet tooth or other strange cravings? lol. And finally, does it appear that they ask for foods or drinks that might be similar to the tastes or preferences of the lands from which they originated (the land they were originally worshipped)? If you had a god or goddess ask for something particularly unusual, please share!

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