Thursday, November 10, 2005

Teachers and Expectations?

Throwing this out as a topic because I'm curious...

First, some background. We've (my group) decided I'm going to be primary teacher for our Dedicant classes this year for a variety of reasons.

Thus giving our HPS and HP a chance to become less burned out, to have time to focus on other aspects of the group, etc. They'll be around for some classes, around before or after a bunch of the time, guest teach periodically (the stuff they're really much better at, f'instance.)

One of the things we've talked about is that this may not be a popular decision, because I'm not HPS, and people tend to want HPS time. (Anyone who's going to be in our upcoming Dedicant class has already had almost all of their class time from me, so it's not that they can't deal with me. It's more that I'm not group's HPS.)

We have a standard curriculum with excellent notes, and I've got a pretty good idea what I need help or additional feedback with, and will be asking for it.

So, I thought I'd throw this out here:

1) Is this (who is primary teacher) something you'd care about? Which bits in particular? What influences your decision? What would make it easier? If you were having this kind of thing presented to you, is there anything you'd want to know/be reassured of?

2) What do you look for in teaching in the first place. (Whether or not you're interested in Pagan formal teaching settings... I'm talking any kind of teaching here - what makes classes interesting or enjoyable or productive for you?)

3) One other concern is that one of our potential Dedicants tends to .. erm. Listen to me when she's going that way anyway, and otherwise she's been known to do the appeal-to-authority thing.

I've obviously got some ideas about handling this, but I welcome suggestions/stories/etc. (in this case, my HPS and HP are explicitly saying "Jenett is primary teacher: if you have class issues and have not already discussed them with her, we will be sending you right back to do that.")

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