Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Belief - Inside Out or Outside In?

I was wondering something. I am an 'animist' (for lack of a better word, there isn't one for the way I 'experience' these things). But. I do not believe in fairys (especially the new age kind), angels, elves, brownies, gnomes etc.

Some people say " If you believe, THEN you will see them". Some people say "when you see them, THEN you'll believe"

So, do you think either of the above statements are true?

Oh, let me say that I am open minded as to the existance of, well, practically anything that may not have been 'proved' but may indeed exist.

But I also wonder if people see things because they want to, or say they see these things because they want to or want others to believe it is so. I believed when I was a child. I even left out things for them. But...innocent and believing as I was, they didn't come. Perhaps I'm not their 'type'?.

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