Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Looking For Different Books

I am aiming this post primarily at older members, but everyone feel free to answer. I have read many books on various religions. I find myself most interested in Witchcraft, chaos magic, and Santeria. I have practiced these in various ways. What I am looking for now is some new perspectives. I want books that give you an interesting groundwork without saying do A B and C exactly how we tell you. I enjoy things such as Spiral Dance (Starhawk), Urban Voodoo (Christopher Hyatt, Jason Black), or Sacred Ceremony (Steven Farmer Ph.D).

The reason I say I am aiming this post at older members is because I am looking for suggestions of things I may never have heard of. I'm assuming the longer you have been at this the more suggestions you will be able to make. Again, I'm looking for suggestions of anything you consider helpful and somewhat freeform, especially things someone my age (22) may never have heard of.

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