Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Eclectic paths?

For those of you who use the word 'eclectic' to describe your chosen path, I was wondering if any of you have the same problem I do.

It seems that one part of my path will pull at me, quite strongly, for a good month or so, burning a need into my head to find as much new information as I possibly can, to try and incorporate new ideas/ways into my life, and to either renew my relationship with a certain deity, or to discover a new one.

After all this, my burning need slowly fades away and then another aspect of my path flares up and I'm off and running again down a different road.

I don't mind it, too much, but when I become engulfed with one area, I feel a little bad about the parts that are left on the backburner. So far I haven't been sent any complaints by my chosen deities, that I'm aware of...though maybe that's why I can't lose those pesky 10 pounds! (lol)

Have you found a seamless way to pull it all together? Are you able to work with all the different aspects of your path, or do you concentrate on one area at a time?

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