Thursday, November 17, 2005

On the Nature of the Gods

"While there are many questions in philosophy which have not as yet been by any means satisfactorily cleared up, there is in particular, as you, Brutus, are well aware, much difficulty and much obscurity attaching to the inquiry with reference to the nature of the gods, an inquiry which is ennobling in the recognition which it affords of the nature of the soul..."
-- Cicero - On the Nature of the Gods

Here is a small question:
How do you view the Gods?

Since before the time of good Cicero to the present day mankind, and womankind, have sought to understand the nature of the gods.... Who are they? Where do they come from? Do they have bodies and lives like you and I? Did we decide what they looked like or did they take a form familiar to our self to aid in communication? Where to they live?
You get the idea.

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