Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Teaching Magic?

While doing some pondering over the use of magic in a Wiccan or Wiccanesque context the following question arose: How is magic taught to the neophyte/seeker in these groups? This main question led to the formalization of some others, more specific this time.

First, how do you dispel the popular definition of magic from the seeker's mind? What are the methods one is taugt to grasp the basics of this art/science.

Are there some books/websites you can recommend to me for a general overview of the magician's path and tool and the different kinds of magic? Websites would be prefered as they are easier to quote for my academic essay and cheaper on the expense for both my creative and academic projects, but books are okay as well

And a special question for the recons/reconish people: How do you practise magic, given the small resources we seem to have from ancient cultures, if you practice it at all?

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