Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Should We Call Ourselves Wiccan?

Lately I've been torn. I've been Wiccan for 8 years now, but recently I have been questioning the validity of that statement.

It would appear that the people who "founded" this religion were crude, power hungry drug addicts who thought they were big enough people to lay down laws and rites for Wicca.

Now following what this religion has become over the years, I am still inclined to call myself Wiccan. Though I'm thinking this may be appropriate as I do not follow those guidelines set down by those men circa 1950. Do most people consider Gerald Gardner and Crowley to be the founders?

I know we have evolved since then, so I suppose I'm asking if it is appropriate to call ourselves "Wiccan" if we aren't practicing the tantric sex and other such things? As I am not inclined to follow their teachings, am I allowed to be called a follower of Wicca?

Personally, I believe in a good deal of the "Wiccan" way of thinking. I know all the history and practices, sects and of the like. Yet, on this I am perplexed. Is there something else to call ourselves? (Besides witches of course.) Or are the Crowley/Gardner scripts moot points?

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