Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Candle Magick Questions

I've read the simple candle magik page on the web site but would like people who use candles in magiks to clarify a few things for me. I'm an Asatruer, so I don't do a lot of magik, but I practice simple folk traditions and magics to complement my path, and I don't see a big issue in this. But after being on pagan forums and such I've decided to perform some simple traditional western ritual magik and this is what leads me to ask some clarification regarding candles in ritual:

1) How important is it to use only 'virgin' candles? I've used a candle that had been lit only briefly ounce before by myself and it worked fine for meditation and flame gazing.

2) Does the candle have to be left burning and be 'used up' or can you 'reuse' a candle used soley for ritual? Seems like a waste of candles to just let them burn out completely if a ritual dosen't nessicerily require you to do so?

3) Do candles need to be scented ones?

4) How important is dressing a candle really?

5) The cauldron article i found a little vague on the issue of size and shape. The budget of a student restricts me mostly to smaller candles? There are some nice little float shaped-ones i know i can easily source (for cheap) but will odd float or round ones be off-putting-they don't really look 'like a candle' as such.

6) In a ritual requireing multiple candles (I'm not there yet but I might as well ask) should they all be the same size/shape?)

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