Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Class Preparation Time?

In a discussion elsewhere on the forum, someone commented that for each class she prepares, she spends about 100 hours in preparation. This doesn't match up with my experience at all, so I thought I'd ask about it.

For this, assume a 2-3 hour class with lecture/discussion material. (If you want to assume something else, or do something else, talk about it comments rather than voting, so that we can keep track of what the base assumptions are.)

1) If you teach Craft/Pagan/related classes, how long, on average, do you spend prepping them? Does your answer change if you're including exercises rather than lecture/discussion? (i.e. does it take more or less time to prepare exercise or activities?)

2) If you've only taken classes, or have thought about it, how long do you think your teachers have generally spent on prepping them? How long do you think is a reasonable return on time for prepping a class of that length?

3) What do you put into class prep or think goes into it? How much time do those things resasonbly take in your worldview? How do you approach it efficiently?

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