Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Serving the Gods: Whether They Want You To or Not!

This question one was brought to my mind last week when a client [suffering from paranoid schizophrenia] told me 'you're my friend, whether you like it or not' (or something to that effect). Kinda creepy, and my gut thought was 'you can't just declare someone to be a friend. If they don't like you, you can't call them a friend, however much you want to'

So later on I thought about how this might apply to Gods. I've noticed some people here talk about having started worshiping one pantehon, before being dragged away by another...

So, what are people's thoughts on the idea of worshipping a pantheon that just doesn't want you to? From simple 'not caring either way' to flat out 'please go away!' - this could include the people you think were not even worshipping their own Gods properly ('shut up Hekate! You're a crone Goddess, it says so here!').

Do you think it's possible to worship a pantheon that would actively prefer you to move on? Do Gods sometimes not want a worshipper? What happens if you try to stick with them anyway? And lastly, would a God who *was* trying to get your attention give up eventually?

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