Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Protective Properties of Iron?

The recent thread about my daughter's night time "watcher" has prompted a couple of questions about iron. I'm hoping someone will be willing to share their knowledge.

Why is iron considered protective against certain entities?

What kinds of entities does it protect against?

How is it used most effectively -- worn/carried on the person, hung on the wall, etc.?

Does the shape of the iron object matter? If so, what shapes are preferred, what shapes should be avoided?

How pure must the iron be? Does steel (iron + carbon, IIRC) have the same protective properties?

Does it matter whether/how the iron is worked -- e.g., cast vs. wrought iron?

If used as a protective charm, does it require cleansing and/or charging? If so, are there preferred methods?

Are there reasons NOT to use iron as protective charm? Any "side effects", do to speak?

Any other interesting or important tidbits?

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