Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Isis and Her Greco-Roman Mystery Cult?

I don't fully identify with any particular tradition or religion (even if my foundation is a nebulous, recon-friendly syncretism of Celto-Germanic heathenry), but lately I've been feeling very interested in learning about, and possibly establishing a relationship with Isis.

I know quite a bit about her regarding her Kemetic counterpart Aset, but feel less knowledgeable concerning her Greco-Roman mystery cult, which is the forefront of my interest.

1) Anyone have some good resources about the goddess/her cult in general?

2) Any tips on establishing a relationship with her? What sort of offerings, rituals, etc.

I'll take whatever you have to give, personal experiences, scholarly sources, so on.

I'm more interested in her Roman mystery form, but Kemetic view points are welcomed too.

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