Thursday, August 02, 2012

Do I Honor my Gods Properly?

I'm still in the middle of finding my path within the Norse pantheon, but I've already established somewhat of a comfort zone. To me, Odin the Allfather sees all, my Gods can see every move I make and every thought I think. I was thinking, if I were a God (or Goddess in this case :P) a pleasant thought about me would be more honorable than some purely symbolic offering.

My life is too busy for offerings, I'm always in and out of the house and my offering to the Trickster God Loki has been sitting there for a while. I have no idea how to appropriately dispose it.

To me, living my life to the full potential, being courageous and learning how to live with some issues I know are permanent, whilst keeping the Gods in my mind is all I need to win me a good spot in the afterlife.

The Gods are my drive to keep me going, whether they are real or just a coping strategy, they keep me sane and for some reason, offering food and lighting a candle doesn't really cut it for me. It feels like it's doing something worldly to achieve some sort of otherworldly connection.

Tell me, am I misunderstanding something? None of the rituals I read about on here agree with me. How do I know if what I'm doing isn't enough for the Gods?

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