Monday, April 09, 2012

Stigmas Attached to Your Gods?

We've all heard various aspects of what we "shouldn't" do when it comes to some of the less-frequented gods or goddesses. In regards to Sekhmet, blood offerings are no-no because she'll... I don't know, get mad or something. (Someone recently told me that she ordered "all followers" not to give blood as an offering to her. Color me confused because I didn't get that memo, apparently.) The same can be said of other deities--obviously, I choose my patron to jump start this thread since I've been connecting with these glimpses a lot lately.

So, anyway. You have a patron that, maybe, isn't "well liked" in pagan paths for whatever reason. How do you handle the stigmas that are attached to your gods, even if they're misconceived?

Personally, I try very hard not to say anything. I understand that each path is entirely different from one another. However, there are times when I just feel like I need to "head-desk" myself through the evening because I just can't understand where other people get this stuff. I've finally come to the conclusion that, you know, blogging about it is a good idea. However, I've also decided that in so doing, I should probably wait until my irritation/anger wears off. There's not point in posting a "I AM BETTER THAN YOU" rant upon my blog.

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