Sunday, April 29, 2012

Devotional crafts?

So, it seems that I've been asked to make a quilt in honor of one of my gods. And it wasn't the one I expected, either. I figured, with her associations with the hearth, with nurturing, with creativity, etc., that it would be Brighid who'd want a quilt, but no. The one I'm doing is a scrappy design, a dozen different black prints for a background, with silver and white star blocks and a big black/white/yellow sun block in the center, for Aengus. The design is a reference to the myth of how he tricked his father the Dagda out of his home at Bru na Boyne, by asking to stay there for (the Dagda thought) a day and a night. (Since Old Irish has no indefinite article, what Aengus actually asked was to occupy it "day and night," i.e., forever. The story is found in Lady Gregory's Gods and Fighting Men and has always resonated with me, since my relationship with my father is beyond complicated too.) Doing it at the size that would be easiest to display in my current living situation--as in, big enough to go on my bed--is going to be a huge project, but oh well.

I mentioned the quilt in chat the other day, and a couple of people mentioned devotional projects they'd done, but I'm interested to hear more, because this is turning out to be a very enlightening experience.

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