Tuesday, April 03, 2012

American Pantheon of Gods?

So, I was reading someone's blog and he mentioned something about famous people in America and that got me thinking, so I'm going to toss this out there and let people ponder it, comment on it, yada yada.

If you think about it, and if you do mythological research and reading, how sure are we that those names that have made it into Greek and Roman mythology etc, weren't actually live people at some point in time?

Think about it this way. If you think of it literally, the Gods are heroes in their legends and their myths. What if a person named Vesta really existed at some point and inspired females through the deeds she was responsible for to take a vow of chastity and keep her flame? How do we know that a person named Odin didn't really exist and that his deeds in life were enough to inspire myths about him exalting him to the status of a God. Basically, what if the Gods are really our ancestors?

This brings up an interesting thought, will there ever be an American pantheon of Gods?

Really, the only thing Americans can't say that they have, is a pantheon unique to them, or do they??

What is Abraham Lincoln famous for? He's famous for being President during a large war, the Civil War, and freeing the slaves. I think when we look, we can find several deities who were famous for being prevalent during a war, who's to say they didn't live during that war and the stories have evolved over time for them to be Gods? Could Abraham Lincoln be destined for the same fate? Could he be part of an American pantheon of Gods at some point?

We already basically worship the founding fathers in America. Their names are invoked when people are speaking of the things in America that they fostered. Could they all eventually evolve into an American pantheon of Gods?


I know this is incoherent. I have certain days when I write better than others, my brain is full of mush today and I can't really articulate what I'm getting at.

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