Thursday, April 26, 2012

Florida Water: its broad magical application?

I recently asked someone fairly BNP on Tumblr what Florida Water was. Or more, what it's used for in magic practice. My Google searches had brought me no information about magic uses about what, I assume, is basically cologne. Unless there's a different, special, magical Florida Water, which I can't find at all in Google.

Anyway, the result was a) no useful information and b) a passive-aggressive post about how I'm a n00b who can't use Google, and so before I set Tumblr on fire I figured I'd ask here.

It's not super relevant to my practice (at least I don't think it is; but as I don't know what Florida Water is used for I can't really say), but at this point I'm just really confused and curious.

So do any magic practitioners here use Florida Water? What for? Is it cologne? Why is it so popular?

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