Thursday, March 22, 2012

When did you feel comfortable calling yourself a Pagan?

When did you feel comfortable calling yourself a 'Pagan'? Or whatever you call yourself, of course. I'll be using the word Pagan for convenience, but please insert whatever is relevant to you

By my question I mean, how far along your spiritual path (in terms of time, amount of knowledge, or anything else) were you before you felt you were Pagan? I'm quite new to this, but I'm having such intense feelings for this spiritual journey that I'm already thinking of myself as Pagan. Then again, the word feels a bit premature, especially seeing as I've been automatically been answering with 'Catholic' whenever I'm asked for years, even long after I lost faith in it.

I'm not rushing myself, because I'm feeling so fulfilled and wonderful in a way I never have spiritually. I'm doing what feels right, but answering with 'Pagan' feels so right, even this early on.

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