Monday, March 19, 2012

Has Anyone Ever Lost their Gods?

Has anyone ever just felt like they *lost* their gods/goddesses? For years and years I was a faithful Wiccan and I worshipped to the Lord and Lady. Honestly, I'm not sure that was ever quite right for me to begin with, but I just so wanted something I could fit into. So I prayed and chanted, cast circle, called the quarters, worked with my tools -- you name it!

And I just do not feel the presence of the Lord and Lady. Or any lord and lady. I don't feel the presence of deity at all!

I feel a very deep connection to nature: all things earth, air, fire, water, plant, animal, mineral, stone. All things natural. But I just don't know about deity. I think I*want* to connect to and believe in deity, but I just never have. I absolutely believe in Spirit, the Akasha, but I don't see/feel/connect to the idea of deities, and I feel empty when I try to call upon deity. Because of all this, I've sort of stopped referring to myself as Wiccan and just started saying Pagan. For some reason, it seems important to me that I have a narrower definition of what I believe and/or practice.

I'm really hoping that others here can give me some insight and perspective. Thank you so much.

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