Saturday, March 31, 2012

Does Tarot Invite Spirits (Good or Otherwise)?

feel silly asking this question, but since I'm fixing to buy myself a tarot deck (Rider Waite, most likely) sometime in the next week, I'd like to know.

All my life, I've heard people say that using tarot (and other forms of divination, for that matter) invites entities into your life. Depending on who you talk to, these entities could be angels, neutral spirits, malevolent spirits, demons, etc. You get the picture. Is this accurate in any way?

In using tarot, I intend to call upon gods/goddesses who might be interested in helping me out, so I guess I'd open myself to visits whenever I used the cards. . .

If tarot can attract entities of any kind, then what's the protocol for dealing with them? I've read about cleansing the cards before each reading. Is that good enough?

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