Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ethics and Precautions in Cursing

So, there were a lot of threads, on the old forum and elsewhere, on whether a curse is considered 'ethical' and when it's considered a viable option.

But there's very little out of there about the precautions the caster needs to take in curse-casting or any other peculiarities attached to this kind of magical working.

Example: some hoodoo practitioners advise to the caster to purify himself/herself after the ritual, and some witches advise to be particularly careful about cutting psychic ties to the cursed after the spellworking. Others will say that in hexing someone is better to shield to blend magically in the background before casting.

Does your experience/knowledge validate any of the points above? Do you think that a curse should be approached as any other kind of spell? There's any book/online source you know that handles this subject in a serious way?

Personally, the closest I got to performing this kind of working is casting a binding spell... I had surreal nightmares loosely relating to the person it was casted upon for weeks later, but it would be hard to say whether they were caused by the trauma that made the binding necessary or they were a collateral effect of the binding.

Part of the reason I am trying to get informed is the fact that the above-mentioned 'person' might become a threat to my well-being again sometime in the nearish future, and chances are that I won't be able to take legal action against him unless things get further than they did last time I had deal with him (which, I have no intention of allowing if i can help it).

I have a pretty definite idea of the kind of working I want to do, and it doesn't really even count as a curse to me (although in hoodoo this is considered a kind of crossing) as the main purpose here is drive him far, far away from me, but I would like to cover all my bases this time around. I also am not sure of how my personal feelings toward the person involved might factor in the outcome... there's still a lot of anger here.

But even setting aside my situation, I am interested in the theoretical implications of this.

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