Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Seasons, the Sun, and the Moon

Recently I've been having trouble justifying some of my beliefs to myself. I was beginning to have a vague interest in Lugh and Celtic Paganism was starting to get back into my witchcraft, now that I'm used to college. Then I started wondering why we (we being nature oriented Pagans) celebrate the change in seasons and feel them as such a spiritual thing. After all, seasons are just caused by our planet's tilt as we spin around the sun. Nothing particularly magical or spiritual in that. Is it the response of life to change that is really being celebrated, and not the seasons themselves? Not just superficially, but deep-down, why are the seasons important or not important to you?

I've also been wondering about Sun-gods and spirits. For those of you that worship/ work with them, do you feel that the entity is physically present in the sun's rays? Or that they live within the flaming ball of gas itself? Or is their association with the sun symbolic?

On a similar note, why is the moon so important? It's a cold ball of dust, rock, ice, and other similar things. Why is the moon so special to us as humans, other than being pretty? It just shines by reflecting sunlight! Do you feel that the moon has a spirit? Of course, I suppose the question all comes down to whether you're an animist or not. I'm hoping to hear some different perspectives.

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