Friday, February 10, 2012

Combining the magic of different cultures

A little while back i made a pouch for one of my friends who was experiencing Paranormal problems. For those that do not know a pouch is a Native American device which is used by some Northeastern(and maybe others i do not know) tribes to protect ones self against malevolent spirits. What i did i found unique.

I got some of my buddies together to show me what to do. Rick is Oddawa, Joe is Sag-Chip, and Elaine is also Oddawa. We went through the traditional method of curing the leather and then making the pouch. But after that i marked the pouch with runes of protection and used alot of Lavendar as a ward, as well as using Queen Anne's Lace and Bear root, which my Native buddies told me to put in. I gave the pouch to my friend a couple days later. It helped tremendously. I was amazed.

Has anyone else tried blending different cultures magiks? If so, any stories you want to share or advice?

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