Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Contemporary Society and the Gods

With modern society that has things that did not exist back pre-Christian times, how do we view the gods? Do you see them being willing to use modern technology and items that did not exist back then?

I was inspired to ask this question from my biblical studies class that I am taking for my medieval studies minor, as well Christianity was just a little bit important back then. anyways, we were talking about the prophets in the old testament and the question my teacher asked was "if they were around today, what sort of things would they speak on" This made me think on how does that apply to my own pagan path, ie how do I see the gods.

for example, computers, the internet, cameras, planes, guns, TV, phones and so forth; none of this existed back in ancient times. So how do you see the gods and modern society? do you see them using it at all?

I read a post, i think here but I can't be sure, that was about a Hindu deity that had in addition to ancient symbols also the telephone in one of its hands. reading that and thinking on this question is what lead me to my own UPG about one of the Celtic deities, Lugh. Since in the tales Lugh is stated to be skilled to be in many skills. So it came to me, that Lugh could be skilled in arts and skills that are modern inventions, such as engineering, building computers, web design, just as much as he is still skilled in the things that would have existed in the Celtic times.

So I wonder what you think about these questions, and if others have had thoughts like I did when it comes to different gods and goddesses?

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