Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tarot Spread Interpretation

Ok, I did two simple 3 card spreads and here's what i got...

Q: Can you give me insight as to why work is giving me more hours?:
Cards: [Page of Wands] - [5 of Swords] - [Emperor]
My take: I still need to receive a message, and work is just doing it's job?
Q: Can you give me insight as to what I need to do before leaving this job for another?:
Cards: [Page of Cups] - [6 of Swords] - [Death]
My take: I'm not sure about this one... getting out and changing?

What I find weird was that I got, Page, Sword (but also 5, then 6), then a Major Arcana. Anyone have anything to add, or their interpretation?

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