Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spirit Wives / Husbands or Spouses

Within the folds of Shamanism one notion that is quite common is the idea of a "Spirit Spouse". While the most common referenced (what I've found) is the Spirit Wife (mostly based upon more culture's having male Shaman than female Shaman, but not to say there are not culture's that do recognize and have female Shamanic practioners) there are also accounts of a Spirit Husband. Yet there are also other facets of the Spirit Spouse concept that are to be found as well. Most people are probably aware of the Spirit Spouse known as a Sucubus or Incubus, especially in the Christian concept of the usage. Saddly do a general search today and the majority of links point to the Christian concept of Sucubus / Incubus vice the "Spirit Wife" who acts as a guide and astral assistant to the Shamanic practioner.

Yet in researching I discovered a slightly different take on the notion of "Spirit Spouses". Here is another variation that might be of general interest.

Quote From: http://academics.smcvt.edu/africanart/Melissa_2/homepage.htm:
According to the Baule, all people have a spirit spouse who they married in the spiritual world (blolo) before being born into the physical world. a female spirit spouse is called blolo bia, while the male spirit spouse is termed blolo bian. The spouse follows the person into the physical realm when they are born, and can greatly impact the life of their spouse on earth, as well as spread good fortune to his or her children. Ultimately, the spirit spouse and its figurative representations reflect the beauty of the marital bond between a man and a woman, and also represent fertility and fecundity.

So what does the collective "You" think of the notion of Spirit Wives, Husbands and spouses?

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