Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping your aging tarot practice alive & kicking!

After years of studying tarot (almost ten - which I realize isn't many compared to some!), I've reached a point where I feel totally uninspired to read the cards. I feel like I've gone so deeply into them that I've reached the bottom - that I've already learned all I can from them. I'm not someone who believes in outright divination (couldn't find a "Tarot for Nonbelievers" subforum), and I've mostly used the cards to explore myself and my evolving life circumstances from an archetypal/psychological point of view. In spite of this, I'm a firm believer that a tool like tarot has infinite wisdom in the hands of an inspired reader. So, for anyone who's reached a similar point in their history of tarot study - how did you advance to the "next level"? How did (do) you keep your tarot practice challenging and engaging? Are there any exercises, books, other ideas you can recommend?

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