Thursday, March 31, 2011

Work/Family Balance

I've been thinking lately about work / family balance. I'm considering a work thing in the next couple of years which would be great for my career but would involve me travelling for two hours at each end of the day. This would severly limit the amount of time that I have with my family but it would only be for one year. It would mean that my SO would have to be responsible for almost everything to do with my daughter on week days and by then we may have another child. I have a couple of years to decide what to do but some of the choices I make now will affect that future position and I'm weighing up the pros and cons so it got me thinking.

How do you all manage the work / family balance? Does one always come before the other? Do you ever feel that you're giving too much time to one and sacraficing the other? Do you regret the choices you've made or do you feel that you've got the balance right?

Any perspective that anyone wants to share would be very interesting.

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