Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can relationships with gods

This may seem like a silly question, but I've been reading material from certain authors who shall remain nameless, and I've detected an undercurrent of...solemnity, almost gloominess, to the tune of: "Cultivating a relationship with a deity is hard work. They sometimes push you to explore sides of yourself that you would rather keep in the dark. Pain and suffering can be acceptable offerings for some gods."

It's not my place to bad mouth the way other people relate to their gods. If it makes them happy, go for it. I understand that, yes, cultivating a relationship with a deity can be hard work, but surely some gods enjoy parties as well? (My gods are known for being fond of drink...lots of drink.)

On a related note, has anyone ever had a deity come and tell them to "lighten up"?

I just realized this is the same sort of question I ask my kinky friends: "Is it always about exploring the deep recesses of the mind or can you just spank someone 'cause it's fun?"

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