Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Magic Results and Deities

I am curious about how magic takes form, after the spell is cast. Do you think that deities effect the ultimate outcome of the spell?

I am wondering, because I don't do magic much, but when I have there have been some startling outcomes.

For example, one result of a binding spell was that the people who I bound from causing me harm got into a fight on the night of the spell, and the husband ended up getting arrested and jailed for physical abusing his wife. Their own story of the event ended up being really wierd--apperantly the wife thought the husband was trying to set fire to their house...and that is how the confrontation began.

Another spell I cast, to attract money, resulted in three, non-injurious, car accidents that year, none of which were my fault, and so I ended up receiving monetary compensation from all of them. They all just pulled into my bright colored car, because they didn't see it. I had never been in a car accident prior--and since I reversed my intentions for the spell--not to include physical or material damage as a means of attracting money--I haven't been in any accidents since.

Both of these examples include physical impact, impaired perception (or distorted perception), and the law. Does this sound like a particular magical practice, or Deity? I am trying to build more relationships with Deities, do you suggest I investigate one in particular?

I used to chalk it up to "magic works in mysterious ways," but now I wonder if everyone's magic has results like this. I am not a violent person, I've never broken a bone, I don't do sports, I don't go around starting fist fights, and so I don't know why my results would be like this.

Is this how your magic works? Do you see your Deity effecting your magic acts? Any suggestions?

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