Friday, April 01, 2011

In Remembrance of Chavi and Elspeth

by Celtee
31 March 2008
In memory of Chavi

The anniversary is come
This day once a year
Our hearts now are heavy
We’ll shed many tears

Chavi Ravenna
Your spirit lives on
Always we remember
Tho two years have gone

Our memories of you
Are now bittersweet
But close to our hearts
We ever shall keep

Chavi Ravenna
Sweet shining star
Always so close
Yet ever so far

Storyteller Cat
Dux Bellorum, War Duke
This day we salute you
And laugh through our tears

by Elspeth Sapphire

Lifetime companion...
Where have you gone?
I thought that your place was at my side forever,
Your warmth beside me in my bed.
Now I find myself watching for you
Hearing a noise at the door ....
But only finding empty air and memories.
Funny ... it is the things I hated
That I find I miss the most.
I find myself saving tidbits
But how do you feed a spirit?
I remind myself of cycles;
That death is a beginning ...
And never an ending ...
But I am only too aware
I am barren and alone.

Oh, where have you gone?
Is that your touch brushing by?
Or will you live within me ...
Until that day that we meet again.
Oh, lifetime companion....

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