Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How did you find the pagan religion that suits you?

Paganism, as an umbrella belief and worship system, interests me. What I can't decide on is *which* pagan religion is calling me... I know it's easy to say "Just read books about wicca/asatru/kemeticism until you find the one that speaks to you"... While I agree it's important to learn about all of the various pagan religions, I'm still anxious to find the system that really clicks with me...

What draws a pagan to one particular system? Is it a certain deity that draws you? Is it a culture? Is it the artwork or poetry? The ritual? Does a pagan even need to follow a system, or can they choose to venerate gods/goddesses from various traditions? I.e., I've always been drawn to Isis, but I've also been drawn to Diana, Brigid, Neptune, etc.

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