Saturday, January 08, 2011

Denied! -- Thanks but No Thanks

When I started on my pagan path many years ago, pretty much the only information available to me was about Wicca with a very heavy emphasis on the Celtic pantheon. The Celtic Gods were complete strangers to me but I tried my best to worship Them through the Wheel of the Year and even dared to create my first few spells (which failed miserably thankfully) calling on Them but nothing ever really clicked.
I tried it all: study, meditation, visualisation, attempted dedication etc but the only feeling I ever got from Them was of Them looking me up and down, saying " What are you doing here?!"

It was disappointing to say the least. I never did manage to connect with Them and moved on to other things but Their refusal of me as a worshipper stayed with me - I think it's very funny now and was probably very wise of Them.

Has anyone else ever experienced something like this total DENIED! from a pantheon or god? Please share!

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